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Covid-19 Order Delays

What Covid Means to Your Order

To our family,

First, we wanted to say thank you to all of the essential workers that have continued their relentless efforts in fighting COVID-19. You mean the world to us, and there is not enough words to explain how important you truly are.

We hope you are staying safe during these unprecedented times. Our biggest concern is that you and your loved ones remain safe in conjunction with getting you your order.

We want to be completely honest with you and share full transparency… It has been tough for us. COVID-19 has not only hit our company hard but pretty much every company and family around the world.

Your order is coming.. it’s just taking longer than usual. We are working around the clock to make sure every one of you are happy when it does finally arrive. We’re expecting every single order to be out in the next 14-21 business days.

If you are not comfortable with waiting a little longer, 100% refunds are available. The Aspen team is nothing without you, and we strive to make sure our family is taken care of at all times.

If you are comfortable waiting a little longer, that’s great! We appreciate you and cannot thank you enough for believing in our products and team. We know you will absolutely love your products!

As always, you can reach out to us at

With Love,